Youtube Famous


Every now and then we get a report from Youtube that let’s us know all the places our music is being used across the web, and literally all around the world. We thought it would be fun to show you guys just a few of some of the hundreds of videos out there. It’s such a wide range of uses that it’s absolutely fascinating! How did they find us?

Erotic/romantic(?) video from Poland:

A French “How-To” Cooking Video:

How to Make Paracord Dog Collar Double King Ultra Wide with Buckle:

If Delon Were a Woman:

How to Draw Full Hollow Ichigo:

CrossFit Box Tour (This one has “Home” at about the 2:19 minute mark):

How To Make Your Text Glow in Visual Basic 2010:

Turkish Hooligans Attack Besiktas Stadium:

Pacific Northwest Preview:

Goldwing Cam:

Fish Conservation from Portugal: (This one has “Interlude” at about the 5:47 mark):


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