Phil was injured for a while. Phil is better now.


Phil injured

As some of you know, back in late January, Phil Romo (our recently returned bass player), crashed head first into a tree while mountain biking. We had been starting to write new material at the time, but the incident slammed the brakes on that for a while. (Kinda funny, right?)

It was a pretty rough accident — his bike helmet was split in two (which tells you enough about the impact right there! Thank God he was wearing one!), and the other riders who encountered him were able to get help. He was airlifted from the scene to USC Trauma center and was in recovery there for a couple weeks. He required neck surgery, as well as a surgically rebuilt wrist.

The picture above is actually from quite a few weeks ago… he’s actually doing much better now – he can already play the bass again, and Intercept is making plans to get back into the rehearsal studio. We thought you might like to know so that you can send some well wishes his way, and also know that the band is still plugging away!

Cheers and thanks to all his doctors — he was up and walking around later on the same day after he had two vertebrae fused in his neck! Modern medicine wins!

If you are interested in learning more, Phil documented his recovery on his Youtube channel here.

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