October News – Hiatus Is Over!

  1. So Say Whatever

It’s official – we’re slowly coming off of hiatus! The calluses on my fingers – which were so thick after 10 years of non-stop playing that I thought they would never go away — have definitely gone away and rebuilding them is a painful process!

Yes, we’re a little rusty – but it’s amazing how quickly things we are getting in shape. We used to have 3-4 rehearsals a week, plus studio time, plus tour dates… so these songs are deeply imprinted in our brains.

I’ve had a lot of musical training, but it’s sort of like learning a foreign language – if you don’t use it, you lose it. A lot of fundamental music knowledge has just slipped away – all that’s left are the patterns that my fingers are supposed to follow in order to play these songs as they were originally written, and they aren’t really “left.” I’m having to re-discover them. The guys have all been very patient with me as I have been hunting and pecking to find these made-up chords and progressions, somewhere in the swamp of alternate tunings I’ve always been interested in. It would be so useful to say, “OH, that song was a simple A minor on the 9th moving into a blah, blah, blah, musical knowledge references.” Instead I have to go exploring — and the seemingly limited neck of the guitar can be a pretty expansive place.

But most of our catalog is already back under our fingers and now we’re just focusing on getting tight again. The song I’ve had the most fun re-learning is one from “Symphony,” called “So Say Whatever.” Having to find all the chords and learn the changes really makes me love this song in a brand new way. It’s not an easy song — it’s in a slightly alternate tuning with a capo on the 2nd fret, and several of the chords are pretty unusual. Most of the progression is alternate fingerings of a single chord. Very proud of it – I wonder if it’s one of those things that’s sort of “inside baseball” — you might not care about it unless you are pretty geeky about this kind of stuff. Anyway, I’ve posted it for you to check out!

There’s been some noise about some big gigs that we can jump right into — some reunion shows! No current info on that, but we’re in early training so we can be ready! Hope to see you all soon – maybe some secret gigs in Hollywood to get some stage time?



  1. Mark Russell says:

    dont forget your Kansas roots

  2. Sergio Macias says:

    This is awesome news!!! I’ve loved your band and your sound ever since I discovered you guys by chance on a completely unrelated YouTube video years ago. Beautiful One was the background song, which got me hooked. Bought Magnolia and Symphony at my local record store, and I was bummed that you guys were on hiatus because I really wanted to see y’all perform live. Hopefully that can happen now. Put Texas on your future touring lists. Cheers!!

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